Suspension provisoire de l’application Eclair Wallet


L’application Eclair Wallet d’Acinq, disponible pour le mainnet depuis le 4 avril, a été retirée de Google play suite à un problème technique mineur. Une nouvelle version devrait être publiée prochainement : « We have disabled the mainnet Eclair Wallet Android app from Google Play and removed the apk link from our github page. We just discovered that we may have lost the signing key allowing us to update the app. Note : key isn’t compromised, just was accidentally deleted and isn’t recoverable. This effectively prevents us to patch the app in case of bugs, and we already have suspicion of a bug related to unilateral closing, that we wouldn’t be able to fix if it is confirmed. So it is best to stop using the app, and we will release a new separate app shortly. »

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