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Notre Dame des cryptos : Let’s rebuild it, block by block

Notre Dame des Cryptos is a community initiative to gather crypto funds to help rebuild Notre Dame de Paris and show the positive social impact of cryptocurrencies. Many people around the world are willing to fund the rebuild of Notre Dame. Bitcoin is a global and universal cross-borders solutions, reliable against censorship. This makes BTC the ideal tool to raise fund for a global cause around the world.

For security and transparency our multisignatures a wallet has been created and secured by Le Cercle du Coin, a French cryptocurrency association.

All the funds will be transfered in euros on May 20th 2019 to the Fondation du Patrimoine, the official community initiative that is in charge of Notre Dame de Paris restoration.

BTC address : 3PxExW3bKza9SbYzdBLwvALbvX4yMDfLyX

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